Grand SPA

The Grand Spa at Welmond Hotel is one of the largest SPA complexes in Batumi.

The Grand Spa at Welmond Hotel  is one of the largest SPA complexes in Batumi. The unique design interior and spaciousness create a special comfort and harmony for the guests that you can only relax and at the same time really relax. Grand Spa offers its guests an indoor swimming pool, fitness room, Turkish bath, saunas, steam rooms and luxury treatment rooms. A variety of relaxing and wellness massages, facial and body care programs, and effective rejuvenating treatments await guests from all over the world. Improve your health, spend a few hours in the Grand Spa. Sea air and Batum climate will only make the healing effect of spa treatments more powerful. Our team of top masseurs will do everything, we can not suppress the beloved visitor, It is amazing with the quality of service and the useful procedures for body and soul. (A visit to the swimming pool is only allowed with a rubber cover.) A hat from SPA management can be purchased)



Great SPA
Anti-Stress Massage
A full and intensive back massage helps relieve tension and make you feel better. Proceeded drive time: 30 min.
Minutes: 30 min
Massage with light and slow movements using aromatic oils obtained from medicinal plants grown in the Mediterranean gives pleasant feelings and has a deep relaxing effect on the body and soul. Proceeded drive time: 50 min.
Minutes: 50 min
Cellulite Massage
This complex effect on skin and subcutaneous fat texture with special massage techniques. As a result of this massage, the fat cells "break apart" and are naturally removed from the body. As a rule, anti-cellulite massage is performed on the abdomen, hips and hips, and in some cases on the back and hands. Treatment time: 40 min.
Minutes: 40 min
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
The purpose of lymphatic drainage is to re-activate the lymphatic system of the whole body. Lymphs not only influence the process of removing water and toxins from the body, but are also responsible for the whole body's defense system. Proceeded drive time: 50 min.
Minutes: 50 min
Sandy's "Signature" Massage
It is designed for muscle and general relaxation. It combines both soft and hard massage techniques. Massage with individual choice of massage techniques for each part of your body according to your body's wishes and needs. Proceeded drive time: 50 min.
Minutes: 50 min
Reflex Massage
Strong foot massage in a special massage technique. With the help of the reflex points on the feet, all body and organs are accessible. The blockage of the energy comes out, the points of the body's power are activated and the self-healing process begins. Proceeded drive time: 30 min.
Minutes: 30 min
Sports Massage
Sports massage is so important that it is not exposed to excessive stress and stress on a regular basis both in the system of education and in the restoration of the organism as a whole. Sports massage can fill in the lack of physiological activity in the life of modern man, so the daily level of alacrity increases. Sports massage combines various techniques for the restoration, toning and relaxation of muscles.
Minutes: 50 min
Gold Therapy
A combination of 24 carat gold particles and a unique combination of sweet almonds and palm oil, the medicine protects skin from free radicals, has incredibility and youthfulness. The massage relieves the negative body and regulates the flow of positive energy and freezes the clogged energy points in the body. Thus, the function of cell renewal is stabilized and oxygen production increases. Gold therapy is one of the most effective and natural rejuvenating methods.
Minutes: 50 min
Great massage for couples
The other half begins with a foot massage to relieve any tension in the unforgettable ritual and ends with a massage of the head and after enjoying the paradise enjoy the romantic atmosphere with aromatic chokers will find the opportunity in the jacuzzi.
Minutes: 50 min