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Traditional Balinese Massage, Therapy with Volcanic Stones, Thai Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage
Traditional Balinese Massage
Chair Type: Oriental massage massage performed in Indonesian Bali massage ostrovah.Eto effect of the body is exquisite excellence, which is a soft but special technique which allows inner energy and inner organov.Ispolzovanie raturalnyh massage oils to reach the deep layers of myshts.Tsel massage centers to adapt. After the session you will feel energy, lightness in the body and an explosion of the mind in harmony.
Minutes: 50 min
Therapy with Volcanic Stones
C-therapy - known in antiquity. The use of hot stones has a beneficial effect on the body by removing blood and lymph accumulated slurries due to the effect of stimulation and detoxification, the improvement of the microcirculation due to oxygen enrichment and the increased metabolic activity of the cells. The main indications for stone therapy sessions are chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression, migraine, overweight, cellulite, post-injury rehabilitation, joint disorders, back and neck pain.
Minutes: 60 min
Thai Massage
Traditional Thai massage massage. This pressure technique normalizes the functioning of internal organs and stimulates vital energy circulating in the body. Massage restores the energy balance, improves the healing, improves the functioning of the upper airways and stimulates a strong energy flow. Loose fitting garments are used to make the massage. The procedure is carried out on the ground using stretching and bending movements.
Minutes: 50 min
Thai Oil Massage
An effective way to relax for those who are constantly stressed is suffering from impaired nervous system and at the same time sensitive to stresses used in traditional Thai massage. Oil is used to massage oil - it affects the good nerve, cardiovascular, digestive, hormonal system. It is a powerful stimulant, tonic, cleansing and rejuvenation procedure. Fat massage slows and corrects the aging process, prolongs the life span, normalizes sleep, reduces the skin's metabolic processes and the activity of all internal organs, removes stubborn events from the body, and even improves vision.
Minutes: 60 min
Mandara (4 hands massage)
Bali was born from Mount Mandara (Eternal Youth Mountain). Performed by two therapists: a high quality synchronic massage that combines the techniques of five famous massages: Japanese Shiatsu, Thai, Hawaii Lomi Lomi Nui, Sweden and Balinese
Minutes: 50 min
Lomi Lomi Massage
Lomi Lomi massage in Hawaii - this is centuries-old traditions of body and soul therapy, helping to regain energy balance, regain energy and improve sleep, win the flexibility and health of the body, defeat stress.
Minutes: 50 min