Turkish Bath

Traditional oriental style with exotic smells and relaxing warmth
Pasha Bath
The procedure involves silk mitten and foam washing beading.
Minutes: 30 min
Ottoman Bath
Shaherezade's care is one of the traditional procedures for the Turkish bath. After the procedure your skin will look fresher, healthier and smoother. After removing the dead skin particles with a special bath mask, the closed pores are opened and the body is cleaned. Next, the whole body is foam coated, followed by foam massage, which stimulates blood circulation and helps eliminate toxins.
Minutes: 50 min
Turkish Bath from the Great Spa
Luxury treatment begins by peeling the body from an aromatic coffee scrubber, after which the whole body is brushed and a honey mask full of noble crystals is applied. The ritual continues with a massage with aromatic oils and ends with a soft foamy blanket wrapped around the body. After the process, Turkish tea is treated to warm it.
Minutes: 60 min
Detox from a Great Spa
For special occasions, treatment begins with peeling of the body you choose, aromatic coffee scrubbing, mineral salt-filled sea salt or a seaweed mask for an unforgettable experience. The ritual ends with a light massage with aromatic oils.
Minutes: 60 min