Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian healing art.
Ayurveda massage is a very old technique that affects the human body. This is to promote the basis of energy, or the so-called "aura" of man. Energy flows ("meridians") are cone-shaped energy vortices that we know as "spikes". It is the place where all the energy is concentrated in the environment.
Shirodhara (a shank in Sanskrit - head, dhara - flow) - contains a long time exposure to the extraordinarily soothing Ayurvedic ritual, the forehead region of the forehead, the flow of hot fat is fine ("third eye" region, Acna Chakra). Shirodhara accumulated negative energy, stress, releasing stress, causing you a pleasant sensation flow into you almost in trans. The mind will disappear from the chaos and the mind will become clear, you will feel a light and relaxed face and body that will take on a load and become lighter and lighter.
Minutes: 40 min
Abhyanga Massage
It protects from stress, nourishes the body, improves world perception and balances the mental state. Using a lot of hot Ayurvedic oil, it is a gentle but permanent full body massage from the beginning to the tips of the fingers. Abyanga massage is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating process. Abyanga's regular practice protects Vata from stress, anxiety, anxiety, exhaustion and imbalance. Abyanga nourishes the body, prolongs life, provides a good sleep, heals the skin structure. This massage improves the world view and balances the mental state.
Minutes: 50 min
The assurance of Abhyang and Shirodhar together. Shirokhyanga is an intense deep relaxing massage of the head, neck, shoulders and body balancing important human functions and organs: eyes, lungs, heart, brain, stomach and whole digestive system. During the procedure, the pineal gland is stimulated, which is a very important, empowering and supportive immune, hormone producing melatonin. Massage affects the hormonal system positively, so it is highly recommended during pregnancy or after birth. Massage also prevents hair loss and stimulates their growth. Daily shirobyanga memory enhances attention, concentration, strengthens the nervous system, supports vitality and supports long life.
Duration: 75 min